About Rhi

Describing Rhi's style and insurmountable talent can be a daunting endeavor. It is not often that we find ourselves utterly speechless in the face of such gorgeous creations, ones that only her beautiful mind could ever envision.

The bold and daring use of vibrant color and imagery that made us fall madly in love with this aesthetic is an invigorating pop in a standardized fashion landscape of evermore muted tones and details.


About AW’21

This a magical Season, where colors converge and blend to bid the warm light farewell - and yet, a brighter sun emerges, hand in hand with vivid colors that invite us to explore and lose ourselves in their rich and delicate undertones that can only be seen shinning through the golden hour, blooming in endless harmony.


It was only through Rhi’s ability to create an atmospheric and sensible visual landscape that we were then able to create a new signature pattern that truly expresses and embodies Culbia’s true design - to help express and attune You to the beauty within yourself, the reflection of the beauty all around us.