At Culbia, we take a firm stance in the face of the Fast-Fashion mindset that rules the industry - we believe that style and taste are more important than pure profit.

All our pieces require time and care to attain the imperfect perfection we seek - higher quality materials, transparent practices, and absolutely no cutting corners in order to bring you The House of Wonders Collection.


We believe tradition plays an important role in keeping us in touch with our roots - in other words, local is better.

All our Handbags and Dresses are manufactured in the outskirts of Lisbon, we resort to master-craftsmen running small-scale operations consolidated by countless years of experience, thus creating a strong bond of trust and showing true appreciation for our Community and Heirloom.


Culbia’s role in building a better future is playing out before our very eyes with each passing day.

We chose to be responsible for our actions and choices during the production & shipping processes by opting for increasingly eco-friendly and more carbon-neutral approaches - this way, we are able to reduce the strain on the Earth’s resources and reduce the heavy impact our fleeting presence has caused.


Coupling our impact-reduction mindset with our strong stance against an industry that is heavily geared toward immediacy and unaccountability, we commit to being different and self-aware.

We do our best to create stunning products that stand the test of time and preserve their value over the years by keeping a low, on-demand, production count.

This means only a certain number of units of a specific item will be made, avoiding unnecessary waste, and truly embodying the concept of limited-edition made to order.