A dream shared by the couple Bia and Jomi, whose love turned into a passion to create.

A Portuguese lifestyle brand dedicated to modern women.

Designed with intimacy to bring happiness.

Unique pieces designed in Lisbon and handmade in Portugal.

Luxury is heirloom within the details.

Unveil the feminine touch in utility.

You are the inspiration behind our art.

Our story starts here, but it continues through you, our muse, forever.


CULBIA designs and makes fashion garments for the powerful modern Woman.

We work alongside our Portuguese community and partners to guarantee the best and most authentic experience from purchase to wardrobe. 

Our Handbags are the ex libris of our collections, assembled by hand with an unparalleled focus on traditional leather craftsmanship. Each piece is, in every sense of the word, unique.

Through wear and tear, each creation grows more and more personal, a reflection of its owner’s identity, becoming a precious object d’art.

Your own signature masterpiece.

Visit our Behind the Scenes for more details about our craft and materials.


“We love the Sun, the sea and the colors in nature. We are inspired by traveling and the people we meet. We believe life is about love, details and laughter.

Our desire for Culbia was to create something unique, more than a brand, a feeling of attraction and passion.

This vision started with the design of beautiful pieces, that will only come to life when worn by you, bringing happiness to every moment.”

Bia & Jomi